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The music selection in 2017

01.-13.05. Film Music l Arr. Héctor Gonzáles-Pino

14.-31.05. L'art de la dance l Arr. Héctor Gonzáles-Pino

01.-15.6. Pomp and Circumstance l Arr. Héctor Gonzáles-Pino

16.-30.06. New Sounds l Arr. Héctor Gonzáles-Pino

01.-16.07. Scheherazade l Arr. Tanja Naini

17.-31.07. Tango l Arr. Héctor Gonzáles-Pino

01.-08.13. Pomp and Circumstance l Arr. Héctor Gonzáles-Pino

14.-31.08. New Sounds l Arr. Héctor Gonzáles-Pino

01.-16.09. L'art de la dance l Arr. Héctor Gonzáles-Pino

17.-30.09. Scheherazade l Arr. Tanja Naini

after the show the fire acrobats:

May 13 May 24 l l l July 15 August 26 September 16 l

Whether Hamburg or Hamburg-visitor - this spectacle for the senses must be experienced. This can annually around 300,000 visitors confirm.

The water light organ is played live: synchronous to music "from the band" move colorfully illuminated water fountains for a specially written score. Initially traditionally heard the "Fanfare for the common man" by Aaron Copeland. Two artists are the arrangements to: One moves the water fountain on the controller, the other plays the "light piano".

On "Light Piano" are summarized in switching groups of different color headlights 762 with up to 500 watts. The light piano alone has 95 white keys. Two pumps suck water from the fountain pool. By 99 water nozzles the water is sprayed in virtuoso forms. The main beam can reach a height of 36 meters. The water Lichtorgel moved as much water as a town of 500,000 inhabitants in the hour consumed.

As early as 1938 the first fountain was installed in Planten un Blomen - with up to 50 meter high water jet and two side fountains, which could create a "water curtain". To IGA 1953 IGA 1963 this first predecessor of water light organ has been extended. Since the IGA 1973 water color organ exists in its present form. It was 2001/2002 overhauled.

In addition to the evening colored water light games there during the day nor water games (without light) to 14, 16 and 18 o'clock.

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