Offene Sommerkirche

Our Quickborner Marienkirche at Christian-Frederik-Hansen-Platz is open again from 5 May to 22 September 2019 on Sundays from 2 pm to 5 pm.

During this time, church watchers await interested visitors in our church, whose architect is the well-known Danish court architect Christian Frederik Hansen. Many people just walk in because the church is open, are impressed by the beauty and beauty of the over 200 years old church and want to know more about the building. With the aid of a small booklet, they can find out about it or have a few stories told by the church guardians.
Everyone is welcome to come in for a silent prayer to light a candle in the hope of recovery for the sick or in memory of deceased relatives, or simply to settle down.
Maybe you will come over once?

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