Führung: Leben und Weben in Neumünster - mit Maschinenvorführung

Guided tour of the permanent exhibition of the Museum Tuch + Technik with machine demonstration

Old craftsmanship in a modern guise
Museum Tuch + Technik shows 2000 years of textile production

How is wool spun into yarn? How is cloth woven? Visiting the Museum Tuch + Technik during their time travel back in time, the visitor will learn that the basic principles of cloth manufacture have not changed from the Iron Age until today. 2000 years of textile history shows the Museum Tuch + Technik. This makes it unique in Germany.

The Museum Tuch + Technik exhibits exhibits at fixed times. Particularly impressive are the machines from the time of industrial cloth production. Over 20 meters long and more than three meters high is the three-cramp set, with which the wool flakes are processed into loose roving. On the old industrial looms in the museum hall the web-shooters whiz during the demo times. Here fluffy plaids are woven, which visitors can buy in the museum shop.

Closely interwoven with the history of textile production, the Museum Tuch + Technik shows the history of Neumünster, which developed from poor Geestdorf into Holstein's largest industrial location. Festivals and associations, living conditions and working conditions: original objects provide insights into the lives of local people. Media stations with contemporary witness interviews and historical educational films make the museum visit an exciting experience. Visitors of all ages can try clothworkers: scratching and weaving wool, or examining fibers under a microscope.

With special actions, thematic tours and workshops, the museum turns to visitors of all ages. You can arrange guided tours when booking with the museum staff, making them thematically individual. Active programs and projects especially for school classes and kindergarten groups complete the range of museum education.

The Museum Tuch + Technik offers a total of 2000 square meters of exhibition space. 300 of them are reserved for regularly changing special exhibitions. In addition, the museum offers a venue for meetings, readings and lectures. Family celebrations and children's birthdays can also be celebrated here.

Admission regular 6 Euro, 2,50 Euro guide fee

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